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One of the best advantages of applying for a job in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia, is the speed of the recruitment process. If you have good English language skills and specialty that is momentarily needed, you can be on the plane within two months from the time you submit your Application Form or send us your CV.

Unlike in other countries such as the USA, UK, Australia and many others, in the Middle East you don’t have to wait months or even sometimes reaching well over a year, for the country’s professional registration. In Saudi Arabia, you simply submit all your diplomas and certificates and the registration with Saudi Health Council will be processed after your arrival and the hospital will help you with all the paperwork as they each always have a department who specialise in this task.

Working in the Middle East also gives you unforgettable experiences both on a personal and professional level. You will meet people from different parts of the world, some of them will become friends for life (this we can guarantee) and you will get to know new cultures, new places, new ways of life. You can make your experience whatever you want it to be and we promise it will never be boring!

Other benefits include:

Tax free salary that reaches 3500 – 5000 USD per month, based upon your specialty and experience

Free modern furnished accommodation in either town house apartment or a compound villa. Each medical institution provides different accommodation but it should always comprise of a swimming pool and a gym, all totally free. Some medical institutions also allow their male employees to apply for housing allowance and rent a place of their own choice.
Free transportation to and from work
Up to 2 months of paid vacation annually
Free air tickets annually to the point of origin
Free healthcare, except for routine dentist visits
Sunshine for about 350 days a year and minimal rainfall
Travelling opportunities as Middle East is within an easy reach to Europe, Asia, Africa, with many of the leading international airlines located in the region.

Requirements for work in Middle East:

Very good English language skills
Work experience of minimum of 2 years
Professional Registration in your home country