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Life-Lengthening Health Advice Ratios

Research suggests you can increase the average odds of extending your life by following the below:

2:1          Average odds of Heart Disease

You can cut your risk of heart disease by a massive 40% (4:1) just by getting your RDA of vitamin D, found Danish researchers.

25:1        Average risk of Heart Attacks

By eating meat can change your odds to 50:1.  Carosine, a nutrient in meat, protects your heart by lengthening your telomeres (parts of your DNA that shorten with age).  Just make sure your 300g a day is lean!

4:6          Heart Attack Risks with Cholesterol

Change your odds by eating an apple a day to 17:1.  The proverbial doctor-repellant reduces your LDL cholesterol by 40%, found the Ohio State University.  LDL is the type known to lead to hardening of the arteries, a direct cause of heart disease.  It’s crunch time for your ticker.

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