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There are hundreds of hospitals or medical facilities in Riyadh alone but we co-operate only with those institutions who have high level of healthcare standard, comparable to European countries, who employ number of Western professionals and mainly, who offer the best employment packages. We will never send your CV to an institutions that operate low standards.

In regards to ex-pat population in the Middle East, the highest number of nurses come from Philippines, followed by India and also Malaysia. Nationalities from ‚Western‘ countries mostly comprise of British, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Czech, Finish or Italian healthcare professionals. Some medical institutions seem to recruit more professionals from Gulf countries than others, especially Jordanians or Egyptians. It was very rare to see Saudi nurses few years ago but as new absolvents are leaving the universities now, they are coming to workplace within many different specialties although their numbers are still so severely low that the country simply has to bring healthcare professionals (mainly nurses, midwives and physiotherapists) from overseas.

All medical institutions have very good free educational systems and the nursing profession is highly appreciated, estimated and qualified. You will work with the latest equipment in higly developed modern hospitals. The nurse:patient ratio in ICU departments is usually 1:1, in wards 1:4-6. You can concentrate fully on your qualified job, you don’t do any cleaning or preparation for sterilization etc. – and if you need a help with washing or mobilizing the patient, there is always Nurse Aid to be to your assistance. There are great opportunities for professional growth, too.