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The speed of the process depends on demand of your specialty from the medical facilities, how quickly you can submit all of your required paper work and then how quickly is the visa processed. You can be on a plane within two months since you first contacted us but it can also take longer depending on the medical institutions‘ processing.

So how exactly does it work?

1. Send us your CV or complete the Application Form and please try to give as many details about your skills as possible to simply impress the potential employer, we will endeavour to evaluate your Application Form the very same day and come back to you within a matter of days.

2. We will organize a Skype interview with you, to get to know you better, give you a chance to ask any questions and inform you about the hospitals that suit your specialty and preference.

3. Meanwhile, the information that you provided within your Application Form will be transferred into unified CV template that will be sent to all the medical institutions who have a department of your choice or of your specialty to ensure the highest chances of employment offers.

4. When the hospital authorities select you for an interview, it is normally carried out over a phone or Skype and is organized usually between two weeks and one month from the time we submit your CV. Sometimes you will be also requested to complete a Skills Checklist Forms prior to the interview.

5. The medical institutions usually inform us about the outcome of the interview within one week. If you are accepted for the job, you will be requested to submit all your diplomas and certificates, all authorized from Ministry of Health or Ministry of Education (depends on who is the higher authority above the issuing body of your diploma or certificate) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and translated into English. You can start preparing your diplomas in this way straight at the same time you contact us so there are no delays in your recruitment process. You might be asked to provide also two or three references from your current job that need to be in English or translated into English.

6. At the time the medical institution receives all your certificates (prepared as mentioned above), your work visa will be requested. This is normally the longest period of the whole recruitment process as it can take anything between a week up to two months.

7. When your visa is ready and authorized, you can collect it at the Saudi Arabian Embassy of your country. You will be asked once again to submit all your certificates and diplomas, marriage certificate (if applicable) and medical form to the Saudi Arabian Embassy where they will also authorize all your paperwork to bring it with you to KSA.

8. When the visa is in your passport, the medical institution will arrange the booking of flights. You should enter Saudi Arabia within 30 days from the moment your visa is stamped into the passport or otherwise it expires.

9. Do not worry if it all sounds too complicated, we will guide you step-by-step throughout the whole process.